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Trust Offers Evening Gynaecology Clinic to Benefit Patients #Clinics

Southport and Ormskirk Hospital NHS Trust is now offering consultant-led evening clinics for gynaecology patients.

Since the pilot clinics started in May 2012, the once a week evening clinics have been fully booked by patients who have other commitments during the day such as childcare or work. Over 100 patients have been seen at these clinics alone.

Mr Mark Davies, Consultant in Gynaecology, said: “We started the clinics out of hours to ensure our patients could access appointments at times that are suitable for them.

“As our patients are women, we know they often have childcare commitments during the day and are usually juggling a few other commitments too!”

The clinics are held one night each week in the purpose built gynaecology suite at Ormskirk hospital. Each clinic starts at 5.30pm with around eight appointment slots available.

Currently, there are three consultants and an associate specialist who rotate between the clinics each week. Helen Bradshaw is one of the consultants at the evening clinic:

“The uptake of the evening clinics has been phenomenal. There was certainly a need for the clinic to be held out of hours and it means the timing of an appointment is one less thing for our patients to worry about.

“We specifically ask GPs to keep these appointment slots open only for women who have other commitments during the day and that seems to work well.”

Patients in the north Sefton and West Lancashire area who wish to access this service require a referral from their GP indicating that they wish to attend an evening clinic.

Issued by Kimberley Rushton, Senior Communications and Marketing Officer, Southport and Ormskirk Hospital NHS Trust

Telephone 01704 705061
Email kimberley.rushton@nhs.net


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